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Report Template - Use this when reporting an admin


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This is an example of how to report admin abuse on one of our servers.
Please use this template when you're writing your report, if you do not follow this template your report may be ignored.


1: Your own ingame name
2: Your own steam-ID
3: Name of the admin(s) involved
4: What server did it happen on
5: What map
6: Time and date
7: Explain the situation
8: Proof


1: Klixus
2: STEAM_0:1:76393699
3: inGame
4: Legenda , Public
5: de_dust2
6: 3pm 17/5/2019
7: inGame slapped me 1000 times and renamed me to syka blyat
8: *Insert link to demos*


Feel free to explain the situation more thoroughly than what's posted in the example text.
Proof is very important, so please provide as much of it as you can before you create a thread here. 

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